CLUBNIEUWS - donderdag 14 november 2019

Onder deze rubriek kunnen we activiteiten vermelden, die o.a. door de clubs ingericht worden. Wie iets dergelijke wil publiceren dient de tekst over te maken aan de Afdelingsvoorzitter, liefst in een Word.

Buitenlands team zoekt club om vriendenwedstrijd te spelen (details zie onder)

paul@teamtours.co.uk = contactpersoon

We have 1 or 2 MENS VETERAN teams (1 confirmed 1 not confirmed) staying in Antwerp requiring a game Saturday16th MAY 2020.

The confirmed team "LADS OF THE VILLAGE VETERANS" enjoy nothing better than a good game and a very social evening to follow. This is there 5th consecutive year touring with us and "touch wood" we have had no complaints. They bring along their guitars and have a good singalong. They would require a game on the Saturday as they will be in Belgium for 3 days from Friday and returning home on Sunday

There will be 54 persons in the group (not all footballers, just a team with their followers) who will try and drink the bar dry so plenty of profit to be made. There is also the coach driver who will require food and drink during (not the players I hope).

We will pay for pitch hire and officials costs and drinks for your team

The team are in their 50's and 60's and enjoy a competitive friendly game.

They are staying in Antwerp arriving on the Friday 15th MAY and departing on the Sunday 17th so a game on Saturday 16th would be the only day and in the mid/late afternoon if possible so they can recover from the night/morning before.

They don't mind travelling about 30-45 minutes by coach from their hotel.